About Jorge Macias

I'm Jorge Macias and at my law firm, The Law Office of Jorge Macias P.C., I help people who are facing immigration and/or criminal law issues. I have extensive experience in the criminal justice system, having worked as narcotics detective in the NYPD and as a Suffolk County Legal Aid attorney.

I Can Help With Crimmigration Issues

If you have been charged with any type of criminal offense, I can help you resolve the charges, while working to minimize the consequences and help you move on with your life. I am also a skilled immigration attorney, and I work with all aspects of immigration law, but because of my understanding of criminal law, I can be especially helpful for individuals facing "crimmigration" matters where criminal charges are involved with immigration status.

An Immigrant Helping Other Immigrants

I was an immigrant to this country. And my background underscores my passion for helping my clients with the complex world of immigration law, including the undocumented. I want to help those who are striving to build a better life for themselves and their families. I know the difficult choices you face and challenges you must overcome, and I can help.

I understand that to successfully represent an immigration client in today's environment an attorney must understand the intersection between criminal and immigration law. That is why I honed my immigration skills at a premier immigration firm on Long Island.

Immigrant. Marine. Police Officer. Lawyer.

I am proud of my history, and I use all my experiences in life to be empathetic, passionate, brave and skilled when representing my clients. I am also a husband and father, and I understand the importance of family.

I was a U.S. Marine, then obtained my bachelor's degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. My law degree is from Touro Law Center. While at Touro Law Center I worked at both the Family Law and the Veterans' and Servicemembers' Rights clinics.

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Immigration law is complex. Criminal law is also complex. With any of these matters, you need an experienced guide. I offer free initial consultations, so you have nothing to lose. I represent clients throughout Suffolk County, Long Island and New York City. Call my Hauppauge office at 631-892-4331 or use my online form.