I Can Help You Fight A Driving While Intoxicated Charge

Driving while intoxicated is one of the most frequent criminal charges made in New York. As DWI laws become more stringent, it becomes easier to be charged with these offenses. Depending on your size and weight, a few drinks at a bar or restaurant after work are all it may take to leave you standing by the side of a road on Long Island being asked to perform a field sobriety test or asked to provide a breath sample.

When that happens, call The Law Office of Jorge Macias P.C., and I'll explain the law and possible defense strategies for your facts. It's important to have an experienced attorney by your side when you face a DWI arrest. Every case is different, so even if you know someone who has been stopped for a DWI, your case will be different. I can help develop a drunk driving defense tailored to your specific case.

Aggressive DWI Defense

Criminal charges are always a problem. You may be tempted to just pay the fine and make the DWI go away. But charges like a DWI never go away; they become part of your permanent driving record and can come back to haunt you. In New York, the penalties become more severe with every additional charge.

DWI convictions can cost you thousands in fines, insurance rates and could cost you your job. If you are a truck driver or have a commercial driver's license (CDL) the consequences can be devastating. (And did you know the BAC limit for a CDL is 0.04?) Plus, if you were stopped in a neighboring state, those convictions will be added to those from New York.

Police Make Mistakes

During a traffic stop, police must follow certain constitutional and statutory procedures. In addition, for Breathalyzer readings to be valid, the machines must be properly calibrated and maintained, and the operator must have proper training. Simply because the machine produced a reading does not mean it was accurate. I can help you challenge all these issues.

Stopped At A Sobriety Checkpoint?

Sobriety checkpoints are permitted in New York, but the police must follow precise rules when employing these types of dragnets. I can help you identify any procedural errors committed by the police.

Immigration Status At Risk?

I can also help if your immigration status is threatened by a criminal charge. Immigration laws are very strict when it comes to the types of charges and activities that can be used to question your character, even if you hold a green card. I'm an experienced immigration attorney, and I can work to aggressively protect you from the risks that follow criminal charges.

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