Charged With Larceny And Theft? I Can Help

Have you been charged with theft in New York. At The Law Office of Jorge Macias P.C., I can help protect your rights as your defense attorney. Theft or larceny as it is technically known in New York, is a criminal charge that is used when a person is accused of depriving another of their property.

There are many variations of larceny charges, ranging from petit larceny up to grand larceny in the first degree. Similarly, the penalties can range from a class A misdemeanor with a sentence of less than one year and a $1,000 fine up to a grand larceny in the first degree's class B felony conviction that could result in a $30,000 fine and up to 25 years in prison.

Do You Really Need An Attorney?

Given that some of these charges, like petit larceny are only a misdemeanor, you may wonder if you need a defense attorney. The answer is always yes and here's why. Criminal charges can cause you long-lasting problems, especially if you receive more than one. Unless you have proper counsel, anything you do could make things worse.

Do You Know What That Plea Deal Really Means?

Any plea deal is a conviction, meaning unless you understand the full ramifications of a plea, you may be compromising your future. I can help you with an aggressive defense and work to minimize any charges you face. I can also help make certain that you do not accept a plea that trades a short-term benefit for long-term problems.

Larceny includes such things as passing a bad check, taking a credit card, use of false pretenses, extortion and embezzlement. In addition, actions such as shoplifting are also larceny and it carries an additional civil penalty, which could include the price of the merchandise up to $1,500 and five times the price of the item, up to $500.

Immigration Status At Risk?

I can also help if your immigration status is threatened by a theft or larceny charge. Even if you already hold a green card, your immigration status could be at risk. I'm an experienced immigration attorney, and I can work to aggressively protect you from the risks that follow criminal charges.

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