Traffic Tickets Can Lead To Loss Of License

Some may think a traffic ticket is never worth the trouble to fight. Just pay the fine and move on. The trouble for many motorists in New York is that they often accumulate. Like the potato chip advertising, there never is just one.

At The Law Office of Jorge Macias P.C., I understand how damaging too many traffic tickets can be, leading to the loss of your license and potentially causing serious immigration issues.

An Attorney Who Can Help With Your Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets may indicate you were speeding, rolled through a stop sign or failed to signal a turn. The ugly fact behind many traffic tickets is that law enforcement cannot just stop anyone for any reason. They must have a probable cause or reasonable suspicion that some type of criminal activity is going on.

They may target vehicles on certain roads near particular types of businesses at specific times, like a bar around closing time. They may suspect individuals are intoxicated, but if they see a car cross a center line or have a headlight or taillight out, they can stop the vehicle to issue a ticket. What they really are interested in is getting a closer look at the driver, passengers and any contents of the vehicle.

Contesting Your Traffic Tickets

I can help you fight any traffic ticket you may have received and help prevent a loss of your license or fines from adding up. Speeding tickets, especially in a school or work zone can cost you hundreds of dollars in addition to your insurance costs skyrocketing.

The system relies on most drivers not contesting their tickets, and often, simply by contesting a ticket, you may be able to have it dismissed due to errors by the police, failure of an officer to appear and other issues with the ticket.

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