Cancellation Of Removal For Permanent And Nonpermanent Residents

In immigration law, the stakes don't get any higher than this. Cancellation of removal is a very serious matter for any permanent or nonpermanent resident. To receive a cancellation of removal means you are already in a removal or deportation proceeding. This is also a very complex proceeding, and mistakes or misunderstandings at this stage can lead to your deportation from the U.S.

You Need An Effective Deportation Defense

I understand how stressful being subjected to removal can be for any individual. You can be sent back to a country where you may not have lived for years, may not know anyone and if your family is in the U.S., it could lead to a traumatic separation from your spouse, children and other relatives.

At The Law Office of Jorge Macias P.C., I work relentlessly for my clients to make the strongest case possible under the circumstances to obtain cancellation of removal.

What Does "Continuous" Or "Good Moral Character" Mean?

This proceeding is complex because there are many elements. For instance, there are four requirements that must be met:

  • Continuous presence in U.S.
  • Good moral character
  • Not convicted of certain crimes
  • Deportation would cause exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to some family members

Each element can pose a serious challenge. Some have statutory definitions (the crimes) and certain crimes automatically make it impossible to satisfy the good moral character requirement.

Making Arguments To Persuade Your Judge

But "good moral character" also has a discretionary factor, meaning the immigration judge can look beyond the listed crimes to deny cancellation. There are also specific, but different, 10-year look back periods that apply to this determination.

The "hardship" requirement is often challenging, and I understand how to look at your family and the qualifying relatives to create a strong argument that your deportation would cause that hardship.

I can help because I understand the technical requirements and how to build a case that meets all these elements, and as your lawyer, I also know how to make emotional arguments that may sway a judge and demonstrate how good your moral character is.

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